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About 4 years after we built our home, we noticed that there seemed to be some settling going on around our front walkway and porch. As a result the walkway was beginning to sink lower than the steps and creating a gap. We called Cement Raising and Greg the owner was able to come out and inspect what was happening and then educated us on various causes and offer a solution to fix the problem.

Greg and his crew were able to jack up the slab using their mujacking process and even filled in the seams where the separation was forming between the steps and sidewalk. We have to say that from beginnning to end, his professionalism and expertise in the field is incredible and our front porch and walkway look the way it did when we built our our. Thanks Cement Raising.
Dan and Bev, Shakopee MN

Greg was great, very courteous, knowledgable and new his stuff. His crew was very professional, friendly and thorough as well. Greg kept me informed throughout the process and allowed me to take pictures while they worked. I really appreciated the fact that they cleaned as they worked and left nothing behind. When the job was finished, the cement work was sound and as good as new. Thank you very much for a job well done.
Steven T, Minneapolis MN

The process was exactly as described. My garage apron is perfectly level. Greg and his associate arrived on time, finished the the job neatly and cleaned up very well. I waited about 2 weeks to write this to see if there would be any settling and I have seen none. Great job and I would recommend it to my friends.
Dan W, Eagan MN


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