Mudjacking is the process of pumping a crushed calcium rock and water slurry under a concrete slab in order to fill, stabilize, and lift it. The exact ingredients vary from company to company, and from job to job. Mudjacking can be the solution to almost all home or business owners concrete problems, including hollow and/or sunken slabs, slabs slanting into and running water towards the home or building, uneven slabs causing trip hazards and liability issues, and any other issues caused by sunken and settled concrete. It may also be called concrete leveling, pressure grouting or slabjacking.

Concrete can sink or settle for several reasons. Soil erosion can be a big cause of settling and is fairly common, as well as all the freeze and thaw cycles of the Midwest climate. The main reason for concrete settling is unstable ground or ground that has not been compacted properly before the concrete is poured. We see this in just about every home or building that is constructed, as it is nearly impossible to compact disturbed soils completely after the building process. In any case, once the concrete does start to settle, it can cause trip hazards, negative water runoff, and other issues that if not raised, can cause major problems down the road, costing you way more than the cost of mudjacking your concrete.
The entire process is fast and effective. First, small holes are drilled into the concrete slab to be lifted. Slurry is then pumped into these holes under pressure, filling any gaps under the slab. When the gaps are filled, the slurry becomes pressurized, which raises the slab up to the desired height. In the final step, the holes that were originally drilled are then filled with concrete. Caulking of cracks and joints is then done when applicable, to seal out water and prevent washout or resettling.

Mudjacking is a process that should only be done by experienced professionals, since every job can be a little different from the last. Having done the mudjacking for over 40 years, I would like to think I have seen it all, but I am still surprised from time to time, when a new circumstance arises, which requires all the know how I have gained over all those years. That is why Cement Raising Inc. should be your first choice for all your mudjacking needs.

Mudjacking is a more cost effective and efficient alternative to replacing concrete. Tearing out old concrete, and pouring new concrete, requires more equipment, more time, more costly materials, and more workers, than mudjacking does. This makes the replacement cost over twice as much as mudjacking. Not only is it cheaper, it requires little to no down time, and does not tear up your surrounding areas like replacement does. Once the mudjacking is complete, both the concrete slab, and the soil beneath it, will be stabilized and ready for use the same day.


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