Our Mudjacking Process

Mudjacking is not a very complicated process, but is something that most homeowner-project websites agree should be left to the professionals. Using someone without the proper experience and equipment could result in damaged concrete, costly replacement, and ruined landscaping.

Save yourself unnecessary headache and expense. Call the professionals at Cement Raising for a free estimate.

What we do:

Small holes are drilled through the concrete slabs in the areas where the voids are, and/or raising is needed. Next, a dense crushed rock slurry is pumped through the holes, filling all voids, displacing water, stabilizing existing soils, and raising the slab to the desired level. The slurry used by Cement Raising does not shrink or settle when it dries. It has already been water induced once so the slurry will also not shrink or settle if it becomes wet again.

Our next step is to fill the holes with concrete and clean up our entire work area. When doing work on decorative exposed aggregate slabs, we add small stones to the holes, and re-expose to match the existing surface. Finally, we caulk all joints and cracks as needed to seal out water, and prevent future settling and/or heaving of raised slabs.

Your concrete is now filled, leveled, stabilized, and ready for same day use!

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