Sandjacking is a newer, alternate, process available to raise cement. In this process, jacks and braces are placed alongside the concrete slabs. The concrete is lifted and sand is imported from the side to fill the voids. Here is what you need to know before deciding which process is right for you:


Time is money. Mudjacking can be completed in up to 50% less time. This saves you money!


To accomplish a successful raising of cement using sandjacking, jacks and braces are placed alongside the concrete slabs. This puts the surrounding lawn, landscaping, and flower beds at risk of being torn up. Mudjacking is completed from the top down so that the surrounding areas remain intact and unscathed. Unless you were planning to do some landscaping anyway, keep your project limited to cement repair only.


The concern with sandjacking is because it is done from the side. This means the dry material does not get to the center where support and stability is essential. Without proper support, the cement is subject to future cracking and settling. Also, when the sandjacking material goes in dry, any exposure to future moisture will cause the sand to compact and shrink. This exposure to moisture is what creates the undesirable settling.

On the contrary, CRI uses a crushed rock and water slurry mixture and inserts from the top down. This means we can achieve a complete fill from the center of the slabs outward. Support in the center is exactly where you want it to obtain maximum stability. Since our mixture already contains water, there is no concern for future settling and shrinkage.

The mudjacking process is time tested and proven to get results. This technique has been used for over 80 years and is the go-to option for cost-effectiveness and repair.
Reduce Waste. Raise your Cement. Repair with Confidence.

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