There are four top reasons to opt for mudjacking instead of replacement: Cost, time, mess, and appearance. Read on to learn more.

On average, mudjacking will save customers 50-75% over the cost of replacement. If there is nothing structurally wrong with your concrete slabs, you should not remove them.

With mudjacking, raising and leveling can be completed in a matter of hours. CRI will have your cement ready for use on same day of service. We do most work while foot traffic continues across the slabs. This eliminates the need to shut down main entrances and major walkways. This is excellent news for our customers who own commercial properties. Your business traffic will not see disruption while we do our work. Replacing cement can take days to tear out, form up, pour, finish, and cure. These steps could result in main entrances and walkways to be shut down for the entire duration of the project.

The material we use is a crushed rock and water slurry that leaves no hard concrete chunks behind. The cleanup is easy and we leave our project sites looking neat and orderly. On the contrary, replacing concrete will leave the area with concrete chunks, form boards, stakes, and torn up grass/landscaping to contend with.

By raising only the existing concrete slabs that are settled, you will not have to worry about getting an exact match to the surrounding slabs. Normal weathering and exposure to the elements has already given your slabs character. Replacing with new slabs will make the other slabs stand out. The only way to match it all is to replace it all. This will really drive up the cost and is completely unnecessary when mudjacking is an option.

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