Cracking in concrete occurs when stress builds up under the surface layer that exceeds the elasticity and strength of the concrete causing a crack to open. Crack sealing is a method used to repair the crack. There are a number of over-the-counter products available to address seemingly simple crack repair. These same products can leave a mess and unsightly blemishes on the area being treated. It’s important to repair concrete cracks quickly and efficiently before the product dries. If you’ve never done concrete crack sealing before it could turn into a bigger DIY project than anticipated. When in doubt, contact the professionals at Cement Raising Inc.

We are skilled at concrete crack sealing and this will take the headache away from you. We will prep the surface by breaking away any of the deteriorating concrete and removing loose debris from the cracked area. This prep work will allow the sealant to be most effective. Next, we will smooth and level the sealant to the surrounding surface area. Our knowledgeable craftsman know just the right about of sealant to use to allow for future shrinkage and settling so you won’t have to keep dealing with the same cracks. When we are done, we will clean up any excess sealant to keep the surface looking smooth and furbished.

We will provide a free estimate for crack repair and help you determine the best method and course of action to prevent further damage.

Contact Cement Raising Inc. of Minnesota today at 952-949-0734 or 952-894-6042 for all of your mudjacking and concrete crack sealing needs!